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Local Area Attractions

Cannon Beach

Picture collage of Cannon Beach, OR

Cannon Beach is recognized by its well-known landmark, Haystack Rock, located to the southwest of downtown Cannon Beach, near Tolovana Park. This igneous rock has an elevation of 235 feet, and is often accessible at low tide, especially in the summertime. There is a small cave system that penetrates the rock and can be seen from the coastline. The rock is also protected as a marine sanctuary, Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and events are not allowed within 100 feet of either side of the rock. Near Haystack Rock are the Needles, two tall rocks rising straight out of the water.

Welcome to a place where the stunning beauty of nature mingles with priceless world class travel destination amenities. This picturesque Oregon community proudly upholds a long standing reputation as "one of the 100 best art towns in America".

Four parks can be found within city limits: Haystack Hill State Park, Les Shirley Park, John Yeon State Park and Tolovana Beach State Park.

The Astoria Column

Picture of the Astoria Column

The Astoria Column has served for over 80 years as a beacon on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It sits in a wooded area 600 feet above sea level on Coxcomb Hill. Majestic views of the countryside surrounding Astoria are the great Pacific Ocean to the west and the mighty Columbia River to the north. Snow-capped volcanoes of the Cascade Range rise to the east and Saddle Mountain reaches to the sky on the southern horizon.

Fort Clatsop National Memorial

Picture collage of Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop was the encampment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the Oregon Country near the mouth of the Columbia River during the winter of 1805-1806. Located along the Lewis and Clark River at the north end of the Clatsop Plains, approximately 5 miles southwest of Astoria. The fort was the last encampment of the Corps of Discovery before embarking on their return trip east to St. Louis. Let us bring you to this exceptional museum here in Astoria.

The Flavel House Museum

Picture of the Flavel House

The Flavel House was the home of Captain George Flavel. This historic 1885 Queen Anne Style Victorian Home and its period furnishings enable visitors to imagine what life was like in Astoria at the turn of the last century. Its decorative exterior, with hipped roof, balconies and verandas and its three-story octagon tower, has been restored to original form and the mansion's large rooms with their elegant woodwork are accented by furnishings and decorations of a century ago.

The Peter Iredale Shipwreck at Fort Stevens

Picture collage of Peter Iredale shipwreck

The Peter Iredale was a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel that ran ashore on the Oregon coast on October 25, 1906. It was abandoned on Clatsop Spit near Fort Stevens in Warrenton about four miles south of the Columbia River channel. Wreckage is still visible, making it a popular tourist attraction as one of the most accessible shipwrecks of the Graveyard of the Pacific.

The Oregon Film Museum

Picture of Oregon Film Museum

The Oregon Film Museum celebrates the art and legacy of films and film-making in the State of Oregon. Housed in the old Clatsop County Jail, the museum invites visitors to explore the films and production behind making movies in Oregon. Wander through this building, that was an actual working jail from 1914 - 1976; it was also the site of the famous jailbreak scene from the Goonies.

Long Beach Peninsula

Picture of Long Beach Lighthouse

The Long Beach Peninsula has become one of the most popular tourism destinations in the State of Washington and has attracted visitors from all over North America. As one of the final destinations of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, several television specials have brought publicity to this area. A multitude of events and festivals are held throughout the year including the Washington State International Kite Festival, the Sandsations sandcastle sculpting competition, and the annual The Rod Run to the End of the World, which attracts thousands of visitors on the weekend following Labor Day. Picture Link

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